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As I discovered this site this morning while watching the kids, I haven’t really edited it, but I will give a brief description of the campaign.

Throughout the Realm of the Living the Human Nations, with their mounding numbers, have been expanding outwards into the kingdoms on the other races. Not being Numerous enough or having the straight man power of the humans, however you want to look at it, the other races must band together to put a stop to the humans ever expanding need for greed.

The heroes of this story all have their own reasons for standing up to the humans. Most of these heroes have struck the common feeling of revenge.

Victory will only come through good team work and banding together against the 5 human kingdoms.

As a side note I am trying to bring int he idea of Fury Crafting from the Codex of Alera book Series.
The Heroes, although not human, gain the power of fury crafting, never known before to fall upon any race other than humans. With their new found abilities, perhaps they have what it takes to stop the humans and their imperialistic ways.

Main Page

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